It’s a well-known fact that we eat first with our eyes, so why would you let your customers satisfy their visual hunger with substandard images? You have 7 seconds to capture someone’s attention, so don’t let it be a competitor that wins your business. We work with restaurants and artisan food producers to create stunning, vivid, genuine images, in-line with your brand, to tell the cohesive story of the journey from field to plate. 


Simple & Lifelike

This package is suitable for social media. We come with our camera and capture your food at your restaurant with your window lighting, your tables, tableware, and interior design.
$ 800 +HST
  • Natural lights from your restaurant
  • Restaurant's surfaces and props
  • up to two-hour photo session
  • Up to 8 dishes and more. 2-3 photos each
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Photos ready within 7 business days

Professional HQ Pics

This package is for you in cases when: - you would like us to bring artificial studio light and props (1-2 backdrops, a few plates, cutlery, and other props); - there is not much natural light in your restaurant, or you do not have suitable tables and utensils; - you need pictures of all your dishes against a solid background.
$ 1200 +HST
  • We bring our studio lighting
  • up 3-hour photo session
  • From 6-18 dishes or more (2-3 photos of each plate)
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Photos ready within 7 business days

Creative Shoot

This is perfect for creative photoshoots. You get stunning standing-out pictures as a result. We discuss ideas before shooting day. Then I make sketches to show you the concept.
$ 2200 +HST
  • Studio lighting
  • Several backdrops and props as per storyboard
  • Highly complex photo editing
  • Photos ready within 14 business days
  • Up to 3-hour photo session
  • Number of dishes discussed during consultation